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Frisco Security Systems By Safe and Sound Unlimited

Frisco Home Security Systems Monitored By ADT

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If you love spending time at home alone or with friends and family, you undoubtedly appreciate the level of security it offers to you. If you are not always as comfortable as you would like to be in your own home then perhaps it is time that you give us a call at Frisco Security Systems By Safe and Sound Unlimited.

We have everything that we need to make your home more secure than it is currently. We offer some of the best home security systems in Frisco, Texas. While our technicians provide great installation services, we also offer DIY home security systems. Come to see us find out more about what we have to offer for your home and business security needs.

About Us

We are an ADT certified supplier in Frisco, Texas. We offer a variety of ADT packages, which also includes ADT security cameras. Since opening our business more than a decade ago, we have become the preferred security company in the area. There are plenty of other home security companies in the area but none of them offer nearly as much as we do, which is why so many people in Frisco depend on us for his or her security needs. If you want an effective and affordable home or business security then we suggest that you give us a call and allow us to help you find the one best suited to your needs.

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Our Services

The type of security system that we offer depends on the demand. We offer the systems that are requested most often. Whenever you need new or added security then let us help you find the best suited to your needs. We know that there are plenty of security services that you can choose from but there is a reason why you are on our website. Perhaps it is so that you can find out more about the many security services that we offer that are sure to meet your needs. We will work with you to get you the help that you want and need.

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Home & Business
Security Systems

Whether you require additional home or business security, you can be sure that we’ll have all that you want and need. Call our team of experienced contractors for your many home security needs, including your home security camera system. We want you to protect what is important to you and we can if you allow us to. Just call us and let us know what is needed for you to remain safe and protect your interest.

Home Automation

With advances in technology, we can now offer home automation security. This enables you to see inside your home without being there. We can set up your system to remotely monitor what is happening in or around your home or business, 24-hours of the day. With home automation, you don’t have to worry about someone stepping onto your property and not knowing about it.

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Video Monitoring

Home security cameras are all the rage thanks to Ring doorbell. When you want the best home security camera then you have come to the right place for your video monitoring device, including the Ring home security system. Video monitoring can be accomplished via your digital devices, cell phone, laptop, smartphone, and any of your other digital devices. Keep an eye on your things at any time of the day or night.

Remote Arming

Even if you think you have forgotten to set your alarm, due to home automation, you can now do it remotely. Remote arming has to be set up properly to be of any benefit. With our level of experience, you can be sure that you’ll receive the right setup so that you can receive maximum advantages from your new security system.

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wireless home security systems

Video Doorbell

There are more and more video doorbells on the market practically every day. Video doorbells enable you to see whoever is at your door before opening it. It also enables you to record anyone who steps foot on your property. It has been extremely helpful in assisting law enforcement with a crime in certain neighborhoods.

24/7 Monitoring
With Zero Downtime

If you want 24/7 security monitoring without any downtime then you have arrived at the right place, Frisco Security Systems By Safe and Sound Unlimited. We realize that even with the latest home automation that you can’t always be tied down to your devices to monitor everything happening. That is why having someone do it for you is a great option. We offer you security monitoring without any downtime.

“With the monitoring services of Frisco Security Systems By Safe and Sound Unlimited, they detected a small flame near our AC unit that could have turned into a large fire if we didn’t know about it. We are so glad that we have their 24-hour monitoring service. They saved us from a disaster!” – Andy J.

“We have several small pets and they were always setting off our motion detectors. I called Frisco Security Systems By Safe and Sound Unlimited to see whether they could help and they did. Now, we no longer have this problem and can sleep soundly at night.” – Tim R.

“It seemed that we could never catch the person coming on our porch and stealing our packages. Turns out that they saw our cameras and knew how to get around them. The technician at Frisco Security Systems By Safe and Sound Unlimited knew exactly what to do to resolve the problem for us. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs home security.” – Jamie T.

Contact Us Today

Don’t wait for something tragic to occur before you get the help that you want and need to protect your home or business. Call us now at Frisco Security Systems By Safe and Sound Unlimited. Security is more than just seeing who is on your property. It also involves protecting your property from fire or some other natural disaster. Avoid the tragedy that might occur when you’re away by relying on us for your security features.