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24/7 Monitoring With Zero Downtime

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Your home security system is meant to provide you with peace-of-mind by knowing that your home and loved ones are safe. Knowing this is invaluable, which is why some will spend any amount of money to ensure that they are. When you have 24/7 security monitoring then you can stay connected with your home security systems at all times. When the detector sends a signal to your device, it enables you to see what caused this to occur and act accordingly. This message may come from your device or a monitoring service, such as the one offered by Frisco Security Systems By Safe and Sound Unlimited.

How it Works

Your security system is enabled via a web-enabled device, such as your cell phone, smartwatch, laptop, computer, or any other digital device. Regardless of where you may be, you can monitor and control your home security system. You can see pictures of watch live video. With a 24/7 monitoring service, you can also turn on the lights around your home when it starts to get dark. It offers you direct access to your security system. This is a convenience that many can’t live without.

24-Hour Security Systems

Our security experts can be set up to address the needs of every homeowner in Frisco. You can gain access through a variety of digital devices or from a central monitoring location. You can also receive immediate notifications through:

  • A phone call or text messages
  • Canceled alarm
  • Triggered alarm
  • Activity alerts
  • Log of history of what is occurring inside your home or business
  • Open doors or windows
  • Power alerts

Surely with so many different types of alerts, you can remain safe at all times. You will receive all the information that you need at the tip of your fingers.

Who Benefits from 24/7 Monitoring

Anyone who likes and needs a convenient way to monitor his or her home or business can benefit from 24/7 monitoring with zero downtime. Your 24/7 monitoring can be customized according to your specific needs, which makes it even more invaluable to those who elect to have it. It can be very helpful to families who

  • Stay away from their homes for an extended amount of time
  • Own other properties than the one that they live in
  • Need to monitor those who they have hired to be in their home when they aren’t
  • Want to control household appliances, such as their HVAC system

Hiring Frisco Security Systems By Safe and Sound Unlimited

You are sure to get everything that you want and need when you rely on Frisco Security Systems By Safe and Sound Unlimited to monitor your home or business. With every security service that we offer, we will take the time to explain its features and how it serves to benefit you. With our knowledge and understanding of various types of monitoring services, we can make a recommendation about the one that will be best suited for your needs. Call for a free consultation today!

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